Amber is a natural and delicate ore. It is not resistant to mechanical damage, it may chip or break. Failure to properly care for it may result in dullness or discoloration. On the other hand, gilding may be worn out as a result of use. Such damage is not the basis for the complaint. The jewelry is gilded with 24 carat gold. In order to delay the abrasion process and maintain the amber shine, we recommend:

1. Avoid contact of jewelery with water and cosmetics – perfumes, creams can cause dull amber and abrasion of gold-plated elements.

2. Jewelery should be taken off before going to bed, bathing, doing sports or doing household chores – detergents can permanently damage the jewelery.

3. Protect your jewelery from prolonged sunlight.

4. Store your jewelery in a soft fabric bag, which will protect it from damage.

5. In order to maintain the original glow, polish the amber with a specially impregnated cloth, intended only for amber.

If your jewelry has been mechanically damaged, we encourage you to use the repair service, more information in the COMPLAINT / RETURNS / REPAIRS